Jordan And Dalton

Straight Rent Boys - 2
Straight Rent Boys Jordan And Dalton. Welcome to my gay for pay bootcamp. Jordan and Dalton are two 20 year old hot and very REAL straight guys that came to my studio for just one reason; they were in need of cash. They are both totally 100% straight, never had any sort of gay sex and never done any adult work or escorting. For those of you sick of my voice, I’m really trying to get these boys straight to point. However, I had no choice but to ease these boys in with my signature small talk. Once they were calm, I got them warmed up with some straight porn. Both of these guys have big cocks and were getting rock hard watching it, so I finally convinced them to start sucking each other off. They were tense at first, but then they started really getting into it. With it being both their first time and all, and considering they both have big cocks, I’m thinking these studs might just have a future as straight rent boys!.